Strategy, positioning and structure consulting for software divisions operating at the customer in industrial companies

  • Advice on the derivation of the impact of the corporate strategy on the software area
  • Support in the development of a software strategy based on the corporate strategy
  • Assistance in the internal and external positioning of the software area
  • Support for the integration of the software area into the internal structure and process organization and into the operative project organization of customer projects
  • Support in setting up an integrated sales structure, taking into account the positioning of the software division

Strategy, positioning and structure consulting for software manufacturers of process-heavy complex business applications

  • Support in the development of a strategic market positioning
  • Advising on the derivation of the impact of market positioning on the software and other business units affected by it
  • Support in structuring the organizational and operational structure with a focus on sales, processing, service and product
  • Consulting in internationalization and the resulting requirements for the structure and process organization
  • Consulting in the development of business models for the product, project and service area

Strategic selection of enterprise software

Consulting in the strategic selection of enterprise software for complex process-heavy business applications, especially in the field of intralogistics and CRM systems for companies in project business (with a focus on non-functional criteria)

  • Support in the creation of a strategic vendor deck
  • Alignment of the manufacturer's market strategy with the customer's project objectives
  • Joint evaluation of a realistic time period for the selection and implementation of the business software and the project or program organization required for this purpose
  • Support for a sensible contract design based on the business models of the preferred providers

Support in escalation management

Support in escalation management for complex software implementations of process-heavy business applications

  • Support in working through the contents of the contract in order to regain a common understanding between the customer and the supplier about the original subject matter of the contract
  • Support in mutual communication to focus on completion of the subject of the contract
  • Consulting on the applied project or program organization of both sides
  • Help with the transition of the project into a sustainable service organization